Planning A Community Cleanup Day? 3 Items You Should Have Dropped Off For Recycling

Posted on: 10 April 2019

If you're planning a community beautification project, go beyond the trash pickup. Of course, you want to get rid of all the trash that's littering your empty fields and alleys. However, with careful planning, you can also make some money for the community during the project. The best way to do that is to add recycling to your community beautification day. Instead of having dumpsters set up for trash disposal, include roll-off dumpsters for the collection of recyclable materials as well. Once the community cleanup day comes to a close, you can haul the dumpsters off to your local recycling centers and salvage yards. Here are just three of the recyclable items you'll need collection sites for.

Scrap Metal

If you're going to collect recyclables during your community cleanup day, be sure to have at least one roll-off dumpster for scrap metal recycling. Community members can bring items such as copper wire, old washing machines, air conditioners, and other metal items that are cluttering their yards. Not only will your neighborhoods be rid of the eyesores, but your community will make much-needed revenue in the process. Don't forget to include a dumpster for aluminum cans, as well. Aluminum cans will bring an additional source of recycling revenue from your community cleanup efforts.


If your community is like most, you probably have more than a few residents who have large collections of newspapers in their homes. Instead of sending that paper to the local landfill, provide roll-off dumpsters during your community cleanup day. Local residents can bring their unwanted newspaper and magazines and drop them off for recycling.


If you plan to provide roll-off dumpsters for your community members, be sure to provide one for old tires. Old tires might not come to mind when you think of recycling, but they should. Old tires can be recycled and used as aggregate material for asphalt and other projects. By providing a collection site for old tires, you'll be protecting your local landfills and providing a valuable service for your community. Not only that, but since old tires attract pests and leach harmful chemicals into the soil, you'll make your neighborhoods safer by recycling them during your community beautification projects.

Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to start planning those community beautification days. Make your beautification projects more successful by including community recycling. Adding recycling efforts to your community beautification projects will bring in added resources and rid your neighborhoods of clutter and debris.